this was requested of me, and hey, I gotta keep the people happy. I perform this list as a one-woman show whenever drunk, all you gotta do is ask.
  1. Beyonce and Solange are not sisters. Beyonce is her mother, and gave birth to her at the age of 14.
    It's feasible if you believe number 2.
  2. Beyonce is much, much older than she claims to be.
    She's 33. Gabrielle Union has mentioned they have been friends since they were teenagers. But...Gabrielle is 42. HMM.
  3. Beyonce was never really pregnant.
    Google the stomach-folding video. It's crazy.
  4. Badichi Custom Belts in NYC is a drug front.
    How are this many people buying custom belts?! Not a celebrity rumor BUT STILL.
  5. January Jones' baby daddy may in fact be Bobby Flay.
    Why was he the first person she called when she got into a car accident?
  6. Taylor Swift is actually in her late twenties, and the age songs are a deflection.
    everything about her reads 27 or 28, and I'm not the first to think so