I am a nightmare who still, somehow, can't fit into her jeans 😕
  1. "Caesar salad, no croutons or Parmesan, with dressing on the side."
  2. "The make-your-own-omelette with tomatoes and broccoli. Made with egg whites. No, no cheese. Multigrain toast. No butter."
  3. "Matzo ball soup, matzo ball on the side"
  4. "Turkey burger, but instead of a bun, could I get some romaine lettuce?"
  5. "Garden salad, no dressing"
  6. "Baked potato, plain"
  7. "Iced skim latte, with less milk"
  8. "Cobb Salad, with bacon, egg, bleu cheese and dressing each on the side"
  9. "Substitute the thrice-baked potatoes au gratin for steamed broccoli"
  10. "Barbecued salmon, cooked dry with no oil, no sauce"
  11. "The daily soup. Yes, as my dinner."
  12. "Tuna avocado roll, no rice"
  13. "Cheese fries, with extra cheese"
    Hey, girl's gotta live a little
  14. "I'll have the weight management chicken please."
    A few years ago Cheesecake Factory listed all of the calories on their menus. The numbers were scary so the only thing to order was from the Weight Management menu. Cc @WhitPort
    Suggested by @paigeyp