Absolut-ely worth drinking.
  1. Orange Tic Tac Vodka
  2. Daquiri ice Vodka
    The only scoop necessary at 31 Flavors
  3. Ecto Cooler Vodka
    Hey Smirnoff -- take your advertising budget and put it towards this. You'll make billions.
  4. Red Skittles Vodka
  5. Pink Starburst Vodka
  6. Green River Vodka
  7. Cream Soda Vodka
    Why is this flavor replicated nowhere else?!
  8. Urine Vodka
    Oh, your teenage daughter wants to steal your liquor and fill the bottle back up with water? JOKE'S ON HER.
  9. Circus Peanut Vodka
  10. Grapefruit Vodka
    This may exist, but I just haven't tried very hard to find it
  11. Watermelon Sour Straw Vodka