I was a journalism major at U of I, and during my final semester I discovered the secret loophole of how one teacher's approval can allow you to study anything -- ANYTHING -- for two credits. I did history of classic rock bands. Here's what I should have done instead
  1. Anthropological Character Analyses Of Ann M. Martin's "The Babysitters Club"
    The original girl gang whose drama was more realistic than any Housewives. Stacy alone could have filled up a semester's worth of papers.
  2. Hive Mentality And The Women Of SDT
    I spent enough time analyzing the girls in my sorority with other girls in my sorority that girls in my sorority and I should have made this up
  3. The Five W's Of Peanut Allergies
    Real interested in how people have them now, didn't have them then, and don't have them in some countries. Never had time to look into it.
  4. Disneyland: The Past 60 Years
    This shit is so interesting to me that I regularly daydream about becoming a Disney historian. Think about it: there was a time very recently where the origin story for WDW, the biggest rides in the planet and many of our most successful movies simply didn't exist. It's wild.
  5. Start-Up Economics, Unpacked
    Studying Uber's relationship with drivers and effect on local taxi services is probably the history classes of tomorrow
  6. From Amy to Z : A Schumer Study
    Consists of transcribing all of her standup and learning why it appeals to both sexes equally.
  7. Spirits Distilled
    Knowing how to order and refer to Whiskey and Bourbon has become more important in my daily life than, oh I don't know, newspaper design?! (Still bitter about that one)
  8. How To Get A Man
    actually scratch that -- I could teach this with my mom and grandma at a local community center for $$$$
  9. Nick in the 90's
    Florida insanity! Child stars who grew up to be pretty normal! The stories behind the stories when Disney and Nick didn't produce cookie cutter sitcoms and actually tried.
  10. Instagram From All Angles
    Because frankly some of these bloggers are so ace at taking photos of boring objects that im dying the learn the fine art of it