I am not a theatre freak nor a fangirl, but I love a bad TV show. And this? Well, it was the crown jewel. And tonight, after long last, I got to see it all live. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLYYYYY!!
  1. The ticket-buying process was insanity.
    You had to sign up for the mailing list which alerted you to sign up for the Kickstarter so you could pay $30 (before the section closed six hours later) to be sent a presale code that would allow you to buy two tickets if you made it past the notorious code crash which left most people with codes without tickets. YEAH.
  2. But it was for a good cause!
    They raised $800,000 for The Actors Fund (!!!)
  3. We custom-made shirts, because when in fucking Rome, YA know?
    Yes that is a step n' repeatz
  4. Only everyone else was dressed like it was a gala, so we quickly became a spectacle 😳
    Oh god so many strangers with photos of us I feel like Times Square Elmo
  5. The show was, no joke, INCREDIBLE.
    I don't know how they pulled it off, especially the day after the Tonys, with everyone having jobs and doing this for free. Every song, the choreography, the orchestra was all FLAWLESS. How! How! How?!?!
  6. Megan Hilty and Katherine McPhee were both there, and split singing duties
    I seriously feel like I'll tell my kids I saw Megan sing live one day like people speak of The Beatles. One of the greats!!!
  7. All the theatre folk were there too (Christian Borle, Brian D'arcy James, etc) but most special of all was Debra Messing!
    Even though she "wrote the book" in the show and never sang or acted, she was still hilarious tonight.
    Just guess how loud I screamed
  9. They played all the songs and the choreography was THE SAME AS THE SHOW
    How dd they pull this off???
  10. I may or may not have chugged an old fashioned beforehand and screamed all night long
  11. But it was wonderful and I'm sad this dreamy shitshow of a TV program got cancelled all over again
  12. All in all, worth the massive donation and the ticket strife. DREAM COME TRUE!
    Nbd that's the happiest I'll ever be tears forever