Last-minute invite to hop a press plane to interview Kim one-on-one at a Hype energy drink launch party in Nashville? Yeah, I'll take it.
  1. (Psst -- the story is live on Racked!)
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  2. 10:00am: meet the publicist and other reporters at a luxury bus outside Bryant Park
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    I arrive last, at 10:10. I am late, stressed and sweating thru my overalls.
  3. 11:00am: arrive at Teterboro to take private jet to Nashville
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    The waiting room is clean! The bathroom had free toothbrushes! I hate being poor and flying regular!
  4. 12:00pm: board plane and realize it's not quite what I anticipated
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    Ends up a "chartered plane" is a 30-person shuttle, set up like a regular short-flight plane. My dreams of leather chairs / dance parties / champagne popping disappear.
  5. 1:00pm: lunch is served
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    .,,to half the plane. I, luckily, get a half tuna sandwich. I later hear another editor only got a handful of veggies, and ate a cauliflower chunk like an apple.
  6. 2:00pm: land in Nashville
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    Plane selfies, a quick bus ride and decompression time in a holding area, where we're informed to address her as "Mrs. West"
  7. 3:00pm: wait for it, wait for it, MANIA
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    Pandemonium as one can only imagine it.
  8. 4:00pm: I'm finally given my opportunity to interview Kim and--
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    Well, you should probably read the story to see how *interesting* that experience was 🌿
  9. 5:00pm: Now what?
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    Our plane is supposed to leave at 8, but the "energy drink concert" is a bust. Everyone leaves, the crowd is empty, and the gaggle of journalists hit a local candy store instead.
  10. 6:00pm: Bid adieu to the bizarre half-nightmare that was this trip
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    Though hearing one girl's tale of being Madonna's assistant was 😱👍👍👍
  11. 7:00pm: Find out there's no real dinner on the plane
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  12. 8:00pm: Write half the story on my dying iPhone while watching Swingers on my Kindle
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    It's amazing how much you can get done when there's no wifi
  13. 9:00pm: write, Swingers, vodka, repeat.
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    If the plane has more booze than food, well, you can't blame me
  14. 10:00pm: land, text @julia for the better part of the bus ride, and cap the day off with last night's Younger
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    Ahhhhh, serenity.