I need a hobby?
  1. Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce
    actually rather wonderful, and not because of the beautifully absurd way they phased Janine Garofolo out
  2. The Mysteries of Laura
    Debra Messing could be locked in Starbucks bathroom stall and I'd watch for hours. MESSING FOREVER.
  3. Mom
    I know. but Alison Janney!!!
  4. Young & Hungry
    Regularly laugh out loud at this, regularly am undeserving of friends.
  5. Stalker
    it's a procedural about stalkers, with the lead being stalked. It's like a Russian nesting doll of watered-down horror!
  6. Eye Candy
    it was on MTV, it just ended, i watched every episode...ugh, don't ask.
  7. Blackish
    one reason, three words: Tracee Ellis Ross
  8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
    somehow , no one has mentioned this show IRL to me. mention it to me! I wanna discuss!