10 shots of Chicago in all its beautiful glory

My favorite 10 pics of Chicago from over the years...and why it's the best city ever.
  1. River North - Looking West
    Because I love my view so much.. I take way too many pictures, especially storms rolling in from the west and sunsets. I could make a photo list of just my view. Since I am only picking one, I love this time of night - post-sunset when the city lights shine as far as you can see.
  2. Michigan Avenue - Looking North
    Because we get the best of ALL 4 seasons and one of the best things about Chicago is the city's attention to detail. When the tulips bloom on Michigan Avenue, you know it's Spring and the city comes alive again.
  3. Skyline - From Museum Campus
    Because our skyline is seriously gorgeous. This is arguably one of Chicago's most famous photo vantage points. It never disappoints. I often walk along the lake to this spot, and then just sit and stare. Photos really don't do it justice.
  4. Skyline - From a Boat
    Because Lake Michigan is our playground. This is one of my favorite skyline shots ever. I got the sailboat just as it cruised through the sun river and stuck a cool filter on it. I think it's golden.
  5. Wrigley Field
    Because....Go Cubbies!
  6. Chicago River - From Clark Street
    Because innovation meets history. There are too many places to stop and take River shots, especially now with the new River Walk expanding. I love that this one gets some of Marina City and a lot of Wacker looking East.
  7. Chicago River - Michigan Avenue
    Because nothing beats the beautiful architecture of the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower along the river.
  8. Millennium Park - From CAA
    Because our buildings aren't afraid to dress up in new colors (often) and support important causes or team milestones. And we have the coolest parks.
  9. Chicago's El - Brown/Purple Line
    Because Chicago is known for cold winters (needed a good snow shot) and its really diverse neighborhoods - which the el easily connects. I love this shot of the Brown Line curving toward the Merchandise Mart in River North.
  10. Skyline - From Above
    Because when this is the view upon descent after a great trip...you're quickly reminded why you call Chicago home. Could it be any prettier!?