No particular order. But thanks apple, for blessing our world with little emoticons.
  1. 🙄
    Ok CUTE.
  2. 🖕🏼
    After years of millions of people begging and pleading, we finally have a middle finger emoji. Times when I will use this: every day, every text, every sentence.
  3. 🤘🏼
    My inner rocker-girl can finally break free.
  4. 🌬
    This one isn't really a favorite, it creeps me out more than anything. Why is wind suddenly portrayed as what seems to be a woman trying to whisper dirty secrets in your ear?
  5. 🕶
    Rayban Wayfarers. Iconic.
  6. 🖖🏽
    "We come in peace"
  7. 🦄
    Why do I feel like Miley Cyrus will use this in all of her Instagram captions?
  8. 🏺
    Because I love Ancient Greek pottery.
  9. What?