Places that make my mouth water every single time I think of them. More to come, just haven't explored all the calories New York City has to offer. Maybe that's a good thing.
  1. Blackseed Bagels
    I am a sucker for bagels and I can honestly say I have never had a better one than here. Located on Elizabeth in between Spring and Kenmare.
  2. Roast Kitchen
    I would get this almost everyday for lunch. It's pretty much just a healthy version of chipotle with the most amazing hot sauce on the planet. Located on the corner of University Place and 13th. This is the one I went to, although there are several others.
  3. Two hands
    Started by two Australians, this automatically makes it better than all of the other places to eat in New York City. It has the most amazing coffee and the cutest little cups that are in my kitchen now and some of the best breakfast food I've ever had in my life. Not only that but the atmosphere is so.... Australian. Located on Mott in between Grand St. and Broome.
  4. Murray's Bagels
    Located on Avenue of the Americas in between 12th and 13th. This place is amazing. I wouldn't say it is better than Blackseed, but it's up there. The people are welcoming and the atmosphere is somewhat of a slap in the face to all the non-morning birds, like myself, out there. This place definitely wakes you up. There is another location on 8th ave but I only went to the one I first stated.
  5. Any 2 dollar pizza by the slice place
    You can't go to NYC without eating 2 dollar pizza.... You just can't. Sure it makes you feel like you've just consumed a small child, but hey! it's all about the experience.
  6. The Butchers Daughter
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    Bought a shirt here that simple says "Beet it." on the chest. Thought it was hilarious and it automatically became one of my favorite health-kick restaurants in NYC. They have the best juices in the world that are all natural and incredible for you. Not to mention the food is amazing. Located on the Corner of Bowery and Kenmare