I've been on quite a few first dates. Up until recently I've hated each experience. :((((( (could be forgetting a few honestly)
  1. First date with awkward red headed sophomore boy when I was only a freshman in high school
    I didn't like him at all but I liked that he texted me a lot and thought I was smart. He was actually a total dick thinking back on it. He drove which I thought was cool-he drove a white Prius L o l. We went to see iron man and I leaned away from him the whole time so he wouldn't make a move-we went to red robins after. Sent my sister emergency text and she called saying that I had to get home immediately. Told literally none of my closest friends about this date.
  2. Met up with a boy on an island over family vacation
    Idk we had some mutual friend and decided via Facebook that we would hang out when I got there? He lived there and I remembered feeling like he picked up a lot of tourists. (I was like 15 so he wasn't really picking me up) I didn't like him. We walked around and I made my mom call me to make me come back. My friend joined us on vacation later and I remembered him being bearable then.
  3. A boy that I actually liked in high school!!
    I picked him up and he immediately texted @maggieannre to make her third wheel us-not a real date. I was pretty disappointed. In retrospect very glad nothing continued there.
  4. Speed up to sophomore year of college: a boy that I met at a party and was really excited to go out with
    I had to ask him out and I was super nervous for the date. We had had a great conversation at a party once and he was smart and cute and older than me. We got Korean food and coffee and I felt like I spoke way too much. When we parted ways we hugged and our bodies hit each other really hard making an awkward sound. (Both skinny white kids) as I walked away I said "we should do this again sometime!" and he said some sort of affirmative-he then never texted. Still see him sometimes he's still cute
  5. A boy that I had known since Freshman year of college
    He had been an RA for my building and then dropped out. He was a great conversationalist. Very good at theater?! Got cast in a professional production and was on buses. Met him for coffee and he was doing his homework and then proceeded to talk about himself the whole date. High fived me when it was over (this is a theme). He's cute and I like our conversations-he still pursues me to this day but I think I scared him out of continuing to ask me out. Forgot to mention he made a startup!
  6. A 27 year old Ukrainian man
    This is my best story: he did tech for one of my dance shows and I made a girl from my cast give him my number. Super super pretty, tall bearded always wearing sweaters and baseball caps. He texted and we got coffee which was sooo stressful for me because I didn't know him. I Made my roommate sit next to me at the cafe. He was more nervous than me! He was really really wonderful and the only date who ever offered to pay. Asked me out again but I just couldn't handle how different our lives were
  7. A boy now
    I think technically we've been on two coffee dates. Only two enjoyable dates I've ever experienced. High fiver.