1. I make a burping noise after I yawn always
    It's not actually a burp but people think it is and judge me
  2. I grew up with moths that infested my home so now I'm okay with living with flying insects (ie: fruit flies)
  3. I'm very scared that I sleep too much and I'm constantly trying to feel more awake
  4. I was the most well read in high school and now I never read
    I legitimately read everything for fun (Salinger, Sylvia Plath, Vonnegut) I also was obsessed with my history book
  5. I get creeped out by towels and sponges
    I hid my own dish brush in my kitchen for no one else to use
  6. I don't like when women are taller than me
  7. I wore headgear for a few years in middle school
  8. I've never shaved my toe hair
    And I have friends who shave their arms but that's always freaked me out
  9. I often eat chocolate for breakfast