This is more of a list about my memories of knowing them before I loved them.
  1. Maggie Ann Re
    I do not remember meeting @maggieannre because I've known her since kindergarten. I do have memories of her though. One time in fourth grade she was in a pool at a Girl Scout event and I didn't recognize her without her glasses. I also remember her talking to our PE coach about getting out of running the mile because her shoes were too small. In eighth grade we were best friends and I cried to her about being homesick on our trip to Yosemite.
  2. Chanelle Diaz
    Also don't remember the moment I met her but I used to think about her teeth a lot when I first met her. This was because I had braces and she didn't. She was always a bit too loud and smiled often. We did service learning together and I remember one day we sat on the bus together. We sat facing each other across the aisle and we chatted about making plans to see the snow. I wore a pink shirt and torn skinny jeans. @chanellediaz also had a million boys love her in high school.
  3. Andrea Candelaria
    I strongly disliked the way that @DreaNayeli spoke and personally thought she was dumb because of how she acted with boys. I invited her to my 15th birthday and she gave me an ugly belt and nail polish. I thought she hated me. Turns out she was upset because I invited her after everyone else. I have no idea when I stopped hating her and started loving her.
  4. AJ Bishop
    Have known @13bishopa since the first day of high school. He was really small and squirrelly but had a really magnetic personality that I was always attracted to. He used to steal my phone and run around with it and make me chase him. One time he accidentally punched me in the face when he was pretending to punch me in the face. We spent a lot of time together waiting to be picked up like the latchkey kids we were.
  5. Alex Van Inwegen
    My current partner in life but not in love. Lived on the same floor freshman year but I hated her friends so I didn't think she was great until she instagrammed a photo of her watching a twilight zone marathon. She had a cool poster of a tea festival in her dorm room. She was always graceful and friendly. We didn't become best friends until we moved into the same apartment sophomore year and spent many nights dancing to shakira through personal headphones and taking shots of rum.
  6. Laura Mishkin
    Met when I was canvassing to get students to register to vote with washpirg. Our coordinator was excited to make us know each other because we were both from California. She was with a friend and I instantly felt older than them. I also was a bit annoyed with the way they made me feel like I wasn't part of their clique. But then Laura was actually the funniest and the most honest and poignant self-diagnosed millennial I had ever met and we fell madly in love.