1. Because I'm young but also technically old enough for the world
  2. And because it's torture to try to unite my past and my future
  3. And because I don't really know myself at all even though I thought I did
  4. And because I don't know what I want! At all!
  5. And because I'm not scared of losing people but rather losing my love for them
  6. And because sometimes I feel like life is too short and other times I feel like it's too long
  7. And because I'm afraid I will never be a fully-formed emotionally-strong adult human
  8. And because I compare myself to everyone I know
  9. And because I'm not afraid I won't be inspired, I'm afraid I won't do anything about it
  10. And because all of these thoughts hit me all at once in one evening
  11. But then @DreaNayeli and I drank a bottle of wine and champagne and got in the bathtub
  12. And we took all these photos
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