Beautiful black man with a car freshener that is "black ice" flavored
  1. Can't decide whether he likes fried turkey more than regular cooked turkey
  2. Hands me an entire lunchbox full of snacks
  3. Lady honks and he recommends meditation lessons
  4. "One thing I find very interesting is history"
    Nothing more is said. I quietly agree.
  5. He enjoys thanksgiving the most because it's the only time everyone gets around and talks
    This must be the most gentle man I have ever come across.
  6. All of his kids almost went to college but couldn't afford it
    This kills me
  7. Was sincerely upset when he forgot to wait for the light to turn green at the entrance to freeway
    Grabbed his head and shook it like he had disappointed himself and me
  8. Says that a song reminds him of his mom singing smooth operator when he got ready for school as a kid