The moment it turned midnight on my birthday. (I always make too big a deal of birthdays)
  1. Thanks Mairin I love you! I then proceeded to tell her I wanted to eat her dog.
  2. A message from Alex! A few weeks ago I threw up because of bourbon and she had to take care of me even though she hates vomit. I love Alex.
  3. This is a pretty intimate text from Chanelle. She was the first to text literally right on the dot of midnight. 💕💕💕💕💖💗💜💛💚💘
  4. I don't know this guy super well but he's really genuinely wonderful and always makes me feel very comfortable. Thanks for the snapchat Alex!
  5. Maggie is almost asleep (no I think she's asleep now) but she let me hang out in her home and play the singing hamster (it sings happy birthday) her mom brought downstairs for me.
  6. Hey thanks Aj! So simple and sweet
  7. Megan from school is the sweetest person and every time she tells me she enjoys me as a friend I turn to dust