This list makes me emotional because @maggieannre lives on the other side of America and I miss her everyday. These are photos are from this summer when we lived near each other. 💕❤️💕❤️ (side note-I just read a list for list app etiquette and apparently I'm doing this wrong so I'm sorry)
  1. So I started making this list and realized there are few photos of us together (this is one where I was trying to get a really cute photo of me eating a popsicle in 100 degree downtown la and Maggie ann photobombed me to remind future me that I'm a bum)
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  2. This was the same day-we dropped off our third party (shoutout to Jacqueline Luke) and headed out into the Los Angeles abyss for a wonderful date night. (We joke that her sunglasses make her look like she's blind) (we know this isn't pc)
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  3. 😍
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  4. Pretend I'm one of those plates of dessert-we ordered two desserts and I had to take deep breaths because I was too full to breathe. Right after we went and saw that zac efron movie and mostly pooped into our pants at his arm veins.
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  5. Aw!!!!! Went to see Jurassic park outdoors with Aj. I waited almost an hour in line to get bacon macaroni and cheese but they had run out when I got to the front. I was very upset but ended up eating a delicious burger. Maggie finished my pudding and we all snuggled in the grass.
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  6. This ones self explanatory. We love dilfs.
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  7. This was taken after we woke up at 5 to shoot a video I still haven't edited. We napped together and it was everything I've always dreamed of.
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  8. This was the snapchat I sent when I left her so she could fly to New York and do cool things without me.
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  9. But wait!!! I fly to New York for her birthday and we spend 4 blissful days together. Days of handholding, museum -isiting, bench-sitting bliss.
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  10. Here's us now. Separated but still in love. I will graduate and maybe if I don't have a panic attack and turn to dust I will join her in New York to be best friends forever and ever and never let go. (Just kidding that's unhealthy but you get the point)
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