One of my favorite people on this planet.
  1. She always looks nice even if she doesn't look nice.
    This is actually something I hate about her too
  2. Look at this! Look how sexy and cute and clean and soft she looks!
  3. Her laugh is a little screechy/snorty but it's extremely genuine.
  4. She holds my hand.
    Even though we both hate intimacy.
  5. I like the way she holds a pen/paintbrush.
    It's so artistic and delicate. Anything that comes from the pen/paintbrush she uses is beautiful.
  6. She's a musical genius.
    When she plays piano I cry. She only plays it when she wants to so I know she's really connecting with the music/instrument.
  7. She's a wordsmith.
    Such a writer. The images in her mind are more vivid and imaginative than anyone I know. Sometimes it's terrifying and sometimes it's wonderful.
  8. When I was in high school she would make me goody bags with chocolate and confetti and hand-written notes.
    Just to tell me she likes me!
  9. She is the one I call when I'm mid-panic attack.
    Her voice is very calming and she knows what to say to help me.
  10. She's open about sex.
    I love this about her. I love when she's open.
  11. No matter what we do we have fun.
    I always enjoy spending time with her. You know the people that you can only do certain things with? This is not her! She's a wonderful companion.
  12. She feels really really hard.
    I think it's really brave.