I have crushes on every stranger but almost no people I know.
  1. Drum accompanist for my old modern class
    Tall, very good at drums, kind of brooding. Seen him smile only once. Takes his shoes off to play. One time we said hi to each other. Always run into him in the halls and make sustained eye contact. Looked him up on Facebook and stalked his mom's profile. (Not proud of this) It's hard to accompany dancers and he does it well and that is a turn on.
  2. Smart kid with Bernie sticker in geography class
    Has nice lips. His computer has a Steve Zissou sticker next to a Bernie Sanders sticker. He seems like he has a good sense of humor and doesn't give too many fucks. The only time we've spoken is when he asked what the midterm was out of because he got a 100?! Ugh. Looks great in a sweater.
  3. The girl that served me soup one time.
    Tall, blonde, boyish. Someone thought I was her at a party once. Spoke to her twice. Once was to tell her about the party mishap, second was when I was really awkward about ordering soup. We made lots of jokes with each other and I liked her very much.
  4. Postmates biker who has delivered me a burrito and soup
    He just seems like a great dude. Obviously fit from biking. One time asked me what type of soup I wanted via text. I looked up his area code to find that he's from the Bay Area. Nervous to order too much from him because he'll find me wealthy and lazy.
  5. Stranger with Mohawk haircut (in a good way) that I see everywhere
    First saw him at one of my favorite coffee shops. He's there often, I've seen him 3 times. He chats with the baristas. Always wears a beanie. Has a job because he mentioned it in his conversation once. Saw him at trader joes and he overheard a joke I made with my friend and giggled. Does he remember me?!!