L o l on this one because choreographing for me is standing in a room and crying for 2 hours about how boring my ideas are.
  1. Music
    Like ugh just it's all about the music for me. Mostly useful when played loudly while I'm walking. Most inspiring ranges from classical to electronic. I like things with exciting builds.
  2. Transportation
    Cars, buses, trains, walking. The feeling of moving from one place to another helps me very much.
  3. Places
    It's pretty hard for me to coordinate visual things and choreography which is interesting. Everything's about the experience rather than the aesthetic. That being said, experiencing a new place is inspiring.
  4. Feeling things!
    I'm most inspired when I'm walking home in the middle of the night in the rain. My head is clear but I'm also drowsy enough to drop into my body. Emotions are strong
  5. Being alone
    People intimidate me and take away almost all of my creative feelings immediately. Occasionally I'll have some great improv moments with other people in class, but this is hugely rare and very exciting when it happens.