1. All my friends have gone to sleep but I'm still dedicated to buying booze at 1230 am
  2. Walk into cvs
  3. Walk straight for booze in the most confident fashion I've ever walked towards booze in
  4. See cheap champagne but it's too easy, I want to search around a bit
  5. Keep walking
  6. Grab cheap champagne anyways
  7. Walk up to the counter but there's no checker!
  8. Not even nervous though because I am actually 21
  9. Checker walks up
  10. I'm very cognizant of where my hands are in relation to the champagne
  11. I begin to tell her the story of how this is "a big moment for me" and how it's my birthday
  12. Woman is not understanding what I'm saying at all
  13. I repeat myself
  14. She says "aww" with genuine tenderness and then asks me how old I'm turning
  15. "21!!!!!"
  16. Another genuine aw. "And you're all alone?"
  17. I start to make excuses "my friends have all gone to sleep I'm seeing them tomorrow"
  18. But I still feel like she thinks they're bad friends and/or I don't have friends
  19. She punches my id number in and my heart does not race at all
  20. I purchase my 10 dollar champagne
  21. I walk out of cvs a grown woman
  22. As I exit I notice two frozen-themed children's gloves pushed on top of protective poles at the entrance to the store
  23. These gloves were sent to put me in my place and remind me that I'm still just a kid
  24. But now I'm a kid with shitty champagne! Go me!