1. Smudged glass is both alarming and disgusting
  2. High tea is a marvel
  3. Humans are very very good looking
  4. Humans are very very gross with public toilets
  5. Don't trust the ground ever
  6. It's okay to nap
  7. There's a right and a wrong way to make bacon
  8. Tiny couches are occasionally comfier than appropriately sized beds
  9. Ear plugs are a wonderful ivention
  10. Natural light is nice
  11. At a certain point cold won't hurt
  12. Ewan mcgregor is just as hot in person ;)
  13. Books are more fun to read when you don't have other responsibilities
  14. Sometimes traveling makes you incapable of pooping but it will pass (literally)
  15. Dad is cute
  16. Friends are good
  17. Food is expensive
  18. I have a choice in the narrative I tell myself
    This is in reference to the possible anxious thoughts I could have streamed through my head
  19. I'm a prepared person and I shouldn't feel ashamed
  20. I could live here and not turn to dust