Newport Beach California is fucking me up!
  1. Drank out of plastic water bottles
    My family is obsessed and they're horrible for the environment. The tap here is so much worse than in Washington and I recently lost my water bottle, so I've been abusing the earth and regretting it.
  2. Drove my mom's Mercedes
    There's a shortage of cars amongst my family members-which is ridiculous because we have like 4 cars? I hate Orange County for this reason. It should be easy to transport myself without using a car! Ugh suburbs (I'm also turning into my mom? I'm using her Dooney and Bourke purse and she lent me her AmEx?)
  3. Listened to Justin Bieber and enjoyed myself
    This was while sitting in my mom's Mercedes convertible waiting for @maggieannre to come out of her home. God!
  4. Wasted water
    Walked away from sink while washing face. Left tap running too long.
  5. Spent a huge portion of my days driving
    How can I look at myself when I study transportation infrastructure and I still drive to the grocery store! Ugh!!!!!!