Labor lawyer-has his own firm. Pretty cool dude all around.
  1. A giant portrait of Lincoln watching over him. Almost in the exact same location he sits. Does he want to be Abraham Lincoln? Yes. So much.
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  2. Caddyshack dancing gopher in the box. He's had this for probably 20 years.
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  3. A horrible photo of me in high school with braces and weird hair. I was trying volleyball out (I was horrible) because everyone told me I should
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  4. A label in comic sans :(
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  5. A photo of him as a young man running
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  6. This thermos made me a bit emotional. A proud pop
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  7. A very airbrushed photo of my mom
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    Feat. Sister and I in background
  8. Every playbill from every show we've seen together
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  9. This great photo of baby me and Courtney sitting on a very nice looking Santa
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  10. Telescope that he's never used?!
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  11. This is a side note-his secretary changed her calendars to the day she returns! How sweet!!
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  12. This horrible photo of my sister with a horse necklace
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