Labor lawyer-has his own firm. Pretty cool dude all around.
  1. A giant portrait of Lincoln watching over him. Almost in the exact same location he sits. Does he want to be Abraham Lincoln? Yes. So much.
  2. Caddyshack dancing gopher in the box. He's had this for probably 20 years.
  3. A horrible photo of me in high school with braces and weird hair. I was trying volleyball out (I was horrible) because everyone told me I should
  4. A label in comic sans :(
  5. A photo of him as a young man running
  6. This thermos made me a bit emotional. A proud pop
  7. A very airbrushed photo of my mom
    Feat. Sister and I in background
  8. Every playbill from every show we've seen together
  9. This great photo of baby me and Courtney sitting on a very nice looking Santa
  10. Telescope that he's never used?!
  11. This is a side note-his secretary changed her calendars to the day she returns! How sweet!!
  12. This horrible photo of my sister with a horse necklace