I know I shouldn't be focused this hard on the future but I'm a bit homesick
  1. My mom coming to Seattle for my show in march
    I will spend every night with her in the hotel 💜
  2. Going to New York in March to see @maggieannre but also to be with my dad
  3. Being home in March for a second
  4. Possibly studying abroad in Europe this summer
    Maybe I'll grow as a person and won't be overwhelmed by anxiety
  5. Summer in general
    I hate the winter in Seattle
  6. Graduating
    I love graduations
  7. Having a job
    Making my parents and myself proud
  8. Living in a city and doing mid-20s things
    (Sleeping around and going to bars, forming bad sports teams, referring to local blogs for insight on hotspots)
  9. Owning a home
    And being mature enough to care for it
  10. Loving without fear
    This may not ever happen