I battle anxiety and am very fortunate to have some fantastic friends who support me during the worst times. (Shout out to @chanellediaz @maggieannre @DreaNayeli for always being there) Here's a list for friends who want to help ❤️💋🙃
  1. Never account their anxiety into their personality
    I struggle with anxiety but it isn't me. It's something that I deal with like arthritis or a constant cold, but I'm not myself when I'm anxious. At least for me, I hate it when people label me a quirky fun but also anxious person. Someone told me they thought it was cute that I was always anxious. This irritated the shit out of me!!!!
  2. Support their fears but remind them of their strength
    My friends are wonderful at supporting me through my moments of complete terror, and also at reminding me that I can make it through whatever terrifies me. It's important to get a reminder of your strength when you feel small. It's also important to know that anxiety doesn't own me
  3. Don't let them account their anxiety into their plans
    I have a history of avoiding things that make me anxious (concerts, parties, trips) which actually makes it impossible to work through. Remind your friend not to account their future anxiety into their future plans. That being said always keep this a gentle reminder. This is also a really different story when it's the moment of, I'm speaking solely about anticipation.
  4. During panic attacks be their ground
    @chanellediaz's favorite thing to do when I'm panicking is to ask if I want water. I love it. Not only because I want the water but also because I know that she's gotten into help-mode and is trying to provide for me. A supportive friend is the only thing that really helps me down from anxiety attacks. Make sure your friend knows that you're not annoyed with them and that you'll stay with them as long as needed.
  5. Help them find help
    My sister did the research to find me a therapist (twice) because I was too afraid to. She called to set up the first appointment for me. My friend Alex went with me to the appointment and waited in the waiting room. My anxiety made it hard for me to help myself, but the people around me made it easier! Woo!
  6. Remind them that they are normal
    (Whatever that means) All I ever want to hear is that I'm normal and that other people experience the same things I experience. Friends can help friends by recounting (applicable) personal stories and overall making sure that they know that they're not insane (whatever that means).