Yesterday I did my first runway show as kind of a favor for my friend-it was an actual show with designers and agency models and the whole shebang (is that how it's spelled?) and I was pretty lost on everything. Luckily I mildly blended in (people thought I knew what I was doing lol)
  1. Everyone is a pre-pubescent teen or an emaciated early 20 year old
    These girls went to high school together and spent every moment snapchatting each other. The other models were burnt out college students that were forced into modeling when they were 14. Then there was me!
  2. Oh almost forgot this is what I looked like (or at least my face)
    3f3f1741 ef37 40de 8e3a 0040e6909e4e
    Don't I look nice and modely (terrifying)
  3. The moment I started I became subhuman
    I really was just a canvas for make-up artists and hair artists and designers and such. Hair people spoke only one sentence to me at the end of the night because I kept tucking my hair behind my ears. Make-up lady was nicer. (We chatted about Justin beiber)
  4. Everyone's sexuality is fluid
    Had a pretty hot German man doing my hair-pretty sure he was just a very European straight dude.
  5. Getting naked in front of people is wicked easy
    Sexy German dude was there woops
  6. Walking in heels is still hard
  7. Walking in heels in front of a room of a million people all staring directly at you is so hard!
    Or easy-it was easy but scary
  8. Models go through a lot of physical pain but don't use their brains at all so it's nice and you get paid nice cash
    8/10 would repeat