I turn 21 yay good for me
  1. I want to have the presents I bought for myself now
    But my mom makes me hold them back till Christmas/birthday which is upsetting and also difficult because I have to separate them into two holidays!!!
  2. I'm a bit nervous
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    I'm the birthday asshole. When it's my birthday I tell everyone, including the people that check me out at the grocery store. It's a huge deal for me! But I get very stressed about how I want to spend it-and I've told so many people that now everyone's looking to me for plans. I'm the worst at plans. Look at these expectations from @DreaNayeli
  3. Will I be horribly awkward when ordering drinks?
    Especially at the bars. Is there a method to this? I'm nervous about getting a bartender's attention. I'm nervous about what's a good drink to order. When I was in Europe I made my sister order all my drinks because I felt like I was still breaking the laws-what if I still feel that way?! Basically I need advice on legal drinking.
  4. Will I become a bit more alcoholic-ish?
    I'm going to want to flash my id everywhere I go. Especially fancy dinner places/lunch places/brunch places. I may end up boozing too hard.
  5. Overall, I think I'm excited
    I'm just a neurotic person-but I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and know it's my birthday