(Requested by @maggieannre)
  1. My bed
    Never let go
  2. Morsel for biscuits and the farmers market for cute dogs and organic honey
  3. Pioneer square to peruse bookstores and that one cute brunch place
  4. The arboretum with a packed picnic
  5. Capitol Hill to go to some weird bars
  6. That one wine and painting place in Fremont
  7. Pies and pints in ballard
  8. A movie at the egyptian
  9. Thaiger room for some good Thai food
  10. Meany/Gould hall(s) to get her well acquainted with my second homes
  11. Out to Mt. Rainier for some nature time
  12. The aquarium
  13. That place with good baked goods in ballard
  14. Parts of Seattle I haven't explored so we can explore together
  15. A museum that's not the SAM because we've already been there
    Who am I kidding I want to go there again I love it there
  16. The Henry art gallery
  17. Ravenna park
  18. All the grocery stores I go to
  19. That other pie place in Capitol Hill that I had a mental breakdown at last spring
  20. Somewhere extremely touristy like the space needle or pike place