I assume this is why Jacqueline would live in Seattle but I'll tell you why I like it
  1. People around the city genuinely know each other
    Maybe it's an arts thing but working two arts non profits jobs has linked me up with the whole world
  2. Seasons
    Sure it's rough-but when spring comes you will feel the biggest high. Leaves on trees are crack
  3. Parks
    There are great parks here/the city gives shits which is nice
  4. Jobs
    Seattle is a great place to find jobs.
  5. Food
    I don't really eat expensive food but I hear this place is a food paradise
  6. Music
    Very nice venues
  7. Other 20 somethings
    Many 20 somethings pursuin their dreams. A very very very very subdued New York
  8. Farmers markets
    Dogs! Cute boys selling apples!