At least for right now. Maybe they can come back another time. Maybe...
  1. Wrecking Ball
    Love Miley's song, but now wrecking balls are popping up everywhere. Time for a rest.
  2. Loaded Gun
    Also popping up everywhere, and a fairly weak metaphor. The fact that the gun is loaded still doesn't say much. It could be locked in a box.
  3. Blood
    Warm Blood, Bad Blood, etc...I get that it's an evocative word and fun to write. But she needs a nap.
  4. Undone
    Great for rhyming fun, one, run, loaded gun. But so are a lot of other words.
  5. Red
    When used as a sole descriptor
  6. Blue
    When used as a sole descriptor
  7. Screaming
    An extreme word oft used making it less extreme