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  1. When someone asks what's wrong
    It's literally just my face. I have resting bitch face 80% of the time. Sorry not sorry.
  2. People who make stupid excuses
    No, you're not too busy. You're lazy. Do your own work, i'm busy too.
  3. People who feel the need to repeat themselves over and over and over and over again
    AS IF WE DIDN'T HEAR WHAT YOU SAID THE FIRST 8 TIMES. It wasn't funny. But I bet you'll still say it again because you're annoying af and you need to be the center of attention at all times.
  4. People who don't share
    I'm hungry. Be kind. Give me your food, and someday I'll retun the favor.
  1. Beach "Candids"
    A picture of my many awkward galloping across the beach pictures that ended up not going well because I got sand in my pants.
  2. Oooohlala
    Prom dress shopping and the winning dress!
  3. My not so asian friend
    Why wouldn't I screenshot my best friend brushing his teeth? I was given a step by step tutorial as if I don't know how to do that by now.
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