Inspired by @summeranne and others. I've been a slacker since November but I am officially getting my @list groove back, à la Stella in the seminal classic, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"
  1. I'm Carly!
    This is, as my roommate says, "vaguely what your face looks like"
  2. I am 22
    I don't think this is an especially interesting list item but I've heard my age is semi-critical to who I am as a human being. (Pictured: My friend CJ, clearly being 22 years old)
  3. I live in Bushwick
    I also work in Bushwick. I pretty much never leave Bushwick, so if you want to hang out with me you can safely assume it will be in Bushwick.
  4. I work at @Livestream
    It's pretty rad. I run all the social media accounts and write blog posts and I like it.
  5. I am naturally blonde but recently dyed my hair pink
    Now it is more of a purple color, but hey, it used to look like this. I am also very good at not closing my eyes when taking a selfie with flash. (Just kidding. I am obviously terrible at this.)
  6. I grew up in Boston
    "Well, not exactly Boston. Outside of Boston. Like 40 minutes North" <— this is what you are contractually obligated to say when you are from a suburb of Boston
  7. I thought my name was pronounced "Cahly" for the first 16 years of my life
    Boston accents are real, guys. Not just something Mark Wahlberg made up.
  8. My favorite show is 30 Rock, and I once had a Tumblr dedicated to Liz Lemon
    It was actually a pretty popular blog. I have no shame about this era of my life.
  9. My favorite musical artists are Patsy Cline, Stevie Nicks and Jim Croce
    I wish I was Patsy Cline.
  10. I sing!
    This should probably be up near the top. I'm a singer, but I don't really sing anymore. If anyone knows of ways to sing in the great city of New York, please let me know. I miss it. (And yes, I did a cappella in college)
  11. I have a twin
    Again, this should probably be up near the top. I have a twin!!! She's the coolest. We're fraternal, but @ginnywalsh is truly and honestly my other half.
  12. My roommate is my childhood best friend, @EmmaHickey
    It's pretty cool growing up on the same street as someone and then living adult life with them in Brooklyn.
  13. I live above a bar
    With pole dancing night every Sunday. It is interesting. (This is me at the bar. It is a fun bar.)
  14. I also live across from a Popeye's
    We are very blessed.
  15. Last but certainly not least, I have a really amazing family
  16. ^That's my Memere and Pepere
    They helped raise my sister and I and they will always be my favorite people. My Memere passed away last year, but before that they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. That's a really long time. Rest In Peace, Mem. I love you.
  17. Okay, that's it! Thanks for reading!