Inspired by @zoe. This week has been hard, but there's still so much goodness in the world.
  1. Cynthia Erivo's performance at The Tony Awards
    I think I've watched this ~100 times. She makes my heart happy.
  2. Senator Chris Murphy
    This needs no explanation. Chris Murphy is the hero we all need, and his filibuster was the most inspiringly human thing I've ever seen happen in U.S. politics. Thank you, Chris.
  3. The outpouring of support for the filibuster on Twitter
    #filibuster and Senate Democrats were trending all day on Wednesday. These are the moments when I love the Internet.
  4. Lin-Manuel's sonnet-speech
    Love is love is love is love, and theater is where that love thrives. Lin and The Tony Awards made me proud to be a theater kid on Sunday night. Theater is a place where everyone is welcome and everyone is free to be themselves. Thank you Lin and the entire Broadway community for showing the world that we can triumph over hate, bigotry, sexism, racism, and homophobia.
  5. Frank Sinatra
    This probably isn't a universal bright spot, but I found solace in Frank this week. Thanks, ol' blue eyes.
  6. Big Red
    I really like Big Red, so I bought some out of the vending machine at work. Pretty much highway robbery at $1 for a pack of five, but it was worth it.
  7. Going Home
    I'm currently on a bus going home to see my Mom, who I haven't seen since January. I'm excited.
  8. Finding the chapstick that fell under my bed three months ago
    The brightest of bright spots.
  9. That GIF of Steve Buscemi