1. The jug of water
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    Very reminiscent of school water fountains, which were featured in every season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  2. The "Ashley, please" hand gesture
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    Drop the goth façade, Ash.
  3. The "juggling multiple girls" double phone hands
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    Ashley, Hazel, Ellie, etc. etc. etc.
  4. The "don't even think about it, Paige" finger wag
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    Just looking out for his BFF, Spinner.
  5. The "I've been shot" move
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    Sorry, I had to. Everyone knows this is Jimmy's most critical plot line!
  6. The "sitting on the school steps having a serious talk with Spinner" moment
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  7. The "expressing my teenage angst through dance" move
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    Part I
  8. The "sorry Hazel, but I admire Ellie" gentle let-down
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  9. The "you like me only as a friend, Ellie?" moment of regret
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  10. The "expressing my teenage angst through dance" move
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    Part II
  11. The "expressing my teenage angst through dance" move
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    Part III
  12. The "take me back, Ashley" prayer hands
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  13. The "hey Trina from my physical therapy sessions, you're pretty cool" gamble on love that eventually ends in a marriage proposal
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