Now with iOS 9.1 emojis
  1. 😶
    Why no mouth? Is this a victim of that flesh covering the orifices disease on Fringe?
  2. 🎋
    This is in with the plants. At first I thought this was a windsock hanging off a branch. But maybe it's a red pepper? But there already is a red pepper 🌶.
  3. 🏵
    Is this a cronut?
  4. 🎽
    A hula hooping iceberg?
  5. 🤑
    Is he vomiting money?
  6. 📿
    Is this a trail? Or a lasso? I wanted it to be a treasure map, but there's no X.
  7. 🗜
    Torture device? Eye exam? Some kind of Clockwork Orange combo of the two?
  8. 🐲
    A dragon head? On a platter?