1. Blindspot
    Premise? Makes no sense. Dialogue? Banal. Male lead? Terrible! I like the science gal.
  2. Quantico
    I can't really justify it, but I do kind of want to know how they all got from being in training to now.
  3. Finding Carter
    Unbelievably bad parenting, dropped plot points that are later completely contradicted. And now there's a new jerky brother.
  4. Project Runway
    It is so low budget now - they had the designers stay in a Best Western last week. Also, they've gone and made Tim Gunn look like kind of a jerk.
  5. The Originals
    The mythology of the show is so convoluted, I don't even really know what is going on, but the dudes on this show are soooooo good looking.
  6. Vampire Diaries
    They are doing a flash forward thing this season, which is making it extra dumb. Also, the Heretics are like the Mikelsons, but lame. Still watching, mostly due to residual affection for past seasons.
  7. Teen Wolf
    This show is all over the place and definitely not good, but I inexplicably love it.
  8. Once Upon a Time
    The acting gets lazier and lazier. And they must be blowing their their season's special fx budgets on a single moment each season.
    Suggested by @SuperCarter