1. The Shannara Chronicles
    Hot elves.
  2. Shadowhunters
    I laughed and not in a good way. OUT.
  3. Second Chance
    Tim DeKay plays another FBI agent. It's comforting.
  4. The Colony
    Sawyer and Lori are married in police state LA. Too bored to figure out who anyone else was.
  5. Angie Tribeca
    I laughed, even if it's not my cup of comedy tea.
  6. Legends of Tomorrow
    They need to kill off a couple of the bad actors but there's potential for a fun show.
  7. London Spy
    Atmospheric and cool. Ben Whishaw is great.
  8. Lucifer
    Wow, this was bad.
  9. The Magicians
    Sexy Hogwarts. IN.