1. Salem, NH (until age 12)
    The accent. Wicked!
  2. Andover, MA (age 12 - 18)
    The leaves changing color. We had a red maple in our front yard that was gorgeous.
  3. Houston, TX (ages 18 - 22)
    I was in college. It's all a lovely blur of eating Mexican food at 2 am, watching 90210 in the common room with 50 other kids and drinking Shiner Bock at the campus bar.
  4. Memphis, TN (ages 22 - 24)
    RIBS. Corky's or The Rendezvous? Yes, please.
  5. Sacramento, CA (ages 24 - 26)
    It stayed light in the Summer until almost 10 pm. I was so productive after work!
  6. Irvine, CA (ages 26 - 29)
    There was a movie theater walking distance from my house. Honorable mention: so much free parking.
  7. Los Angeles, CA (ages 29 - present)
    When I first moved to LA, it was the star sightings. I lived two blocks behind The Ivy and would wander by periodically. I saw Mischa Barton, Dyan Canon and, best for last, Morgan Freeman all in one night.