1. problem eighteen (18)
    it all started in math class
  2. pēt
    related to problem eighteen (18)
  3. jack gilinsky
    he looked like him and i figured if i couldn't marry jack gilinsky i might as well code name him jack lol
  4. jack johnson
    the best friend of my "jack gilinsky" was short, white and blonde and so me and my friend decided they were a perfect jack & jack pair
  5. gibby
    he reminded me of gibby from icarly
  6. ew why is he wearing those sunglasses
    he wore gross sunglasses and he was just gross in general sooo
  7. darcy
    my friend was obsessed with this name (and the boy) all i could think of was the flying hedgehog
  8. strawberry
    my first best friend's first (secret) boyfriend