Mom passed away 12/20/15. Still trying to wrap my head around it.
  1. Arguing
    Stupid arguments which I'd like to have today
  2. Telling her that I am who I am because of her
  3. Calling her to tell her about my day in New York
    She's never been to New York, but she would love to hear of the restaurants & places I've gone to and of the people I would see.
  4. Telling her of how well her grandsons are doing.
  5. Walking into her house and kissing her and asking for her blessing.
    As a Puerto Rican, the 1st thing you do, when seeing your parents, is ask for their blessing, "La bendición, Mami y Papi".
  6. Criticizing her English
    Always fun. She usually told me to go to hell.
  7. Her being there.