Everyone asks me. The list could go on forever. I'll continue adding to it.
  1. Australia dairy company
    Scrambled eggs
  2. Yardbird / Ronin / Sunday's Grocery
    Same owners, all amazing food
  3. Little Bao
    Asian fusion. Matcha green tea ice cream sandwiches (the bread is deep fried Bao, FML).
  4. Tsui Wah
    Everything on their top ten list. Especially the toasted bun with butter and condensed milk. The curry, fish ball noodle soup, and hainan chicken are good too.
  5. North point egg waffles
  6. Hui Lau Shan - mango coconut sago drink
    Why is there no mango or coconut emoji? Anyway, this is the sweetest, no artificial flavoring straight up mango blended deliciousness.
  7. Via Tokyo - matcha green tea soft serve
  8. Keung Kee
    On Tin Lok Lane, in Wan Chai. Love the roast goose rice toppings.
    Suggested by @mignac