Things That Happened When I Turned 30 (in Chronological Order)

  1. My friend played fetty wap from my computer
    He was way too turnt
  2. I partied till 1230am 🎉
  3. I was super happy and content and then I cried.
    Hormones, maybe.
  4. For the following two weeks I asked everyone what they were doing when they were 30
    And I learned that it doesn't really matter what anyone else was doing, everyone is on their own path.
  5. I became excited for the next ten years because the last ten were so freakin awesome.
  6. I went to Europe for the first time and ate lots of cheese and bread, and cheese, and cheese
  7. Talked a lot about pooping patterns with my girlfriends
  8. I flexed my biceps