My Favorite John Mayer Songs

In a noncommittal order (@john)
  1. Wheel
    This sits at #1 indefinitely.
  2. The Heart of Life
    This is such a cliche, but this song is the best live.
  3. Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967
    Storytelling at it's best. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the name Walt. Of course!
  4. Born and Raised (plus the reprise)
    They're both so good.
  5. Stop This Train
    I'm sad just thinking about it.
  6. Badge and Gun
    This is a strong contender to take the title from Wheel.
  7. The Age of Worry
    He gets to the point. Breezy.
  8. 3x5
    Classic. Cinematic.
  9. On The Way Home
    The soundtrack to all Septembers. This is the Indian summer track.
  10. Edge of Desire
    "Young and full of running". What an opener.
  11. Shadow Days
    A turning point for @john and I love it.
  12. Love Song For No One
    One of the first songs of his I ever heard.
  13. A Face to Call Home
    Needed to add this because of my rediscovery of it. It took a number of listens for this one to sink in.