This list is ever evolving.
  1. Peanut butter
    It's garbage. The smell is terrible and it looks disgusting. (Yes, I like peanuts.)
  2. Eating sounds
    Making any sort of noise while you eat is unacceptable (including myself). Slurping is unforgivable.
  3. Fast food restaurants that act like actual restaurants
    No I don't want you to come to my table and ask if I need anything. I'm eating food out of a bag, please leave me be.
  4. Group texts
  5. People who claim they don't watch tv
    Yes you do. Tv is amazing. Stop trying to impress me/make me feel terrible.
  6. Pregnancy blood glucose test
    It tastes terrible and I'm not good at taking them. Can I not just eat an incredibly decadent breakfast instead?!
  7. Birthday sharers
    You know those people who ask your due date and then get super excited because it's kind of close to their birthday? Ugh. Stop. Who cares if you possibly share a birthday with my child. Yeah, I'll make it priority number 1 to go into labor on your birthday.