1. All Too Well
    And in a true Taylor Swift fashion I would probably change a few lines so that I could call out my previous lover
  2. Sunburn
    I would have to switch it around a little but I would make it work, and Ed Sheeran would make a comment on the Today Show that my version is better than his and I won't verify his comment but I won't deny it either
  3. Defying Gravity
    I could have another celebrity be Glinda for me or maybe I'll just do both parts to showcase my talent
  4. Everywhere
    I used to sing this on my game cube karaoke game so I can assure it would be great, I could also do Pieces of Me
  5. Blank Space
    My music video would be exactly like Taylor's but with Ben Affleck as my costar
  6. Overboard
    Justin Bieber would of course make an appearance and following the release of this single, we would confirm the rumors about our relationship
  7. Sparks Fly
    I could probably sing it better than Taylor let's be honest
  8. Soak Up The Sun
    Why not it's my cover album?
  9. The Way I Loved You
    Are you seeing a theme here? I had to limit myself
  10. Sweet Caroline
    This would be a bonus track and I wouldn't be singing it one of my musically talented significant others would be singing it to me