1. Blue: State of Grace "twin fire signs, four blue eyes"
  2. Blue: Tim McGraw "you said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night"
  3. Blue: Best Day "I love you for giving me your eyes," doesn't say the color but I'm assuming
  4. Green: Sparks Fly "get me with those green eyes baby as the lights go down"
  5. Green: Wonderland "didn't you flash your green eyes at me"
  6. (Unknown) White Horse "maybe I was naive, got lost in your eyes"
  7. (Unknown) I'd Lie "he has his father's eyes"
  8. (Unknown) Style "he can't keep his wild eyes on the road"
  9. (Unknown) Superman "he's got his mother's eyes, his father's ambition," although I would assume that this one is brown eyes because of the line "tall dark and beautiful"