Today I attended a conference at which there were snacks.
  1. Fresh fruit
    You California people do not realize what a big deal this is. Melon, pineapple, STRAWBERRIES, oranges, apples, bananas. Well, I guess apples aren't that exciting.
  2. Mini croissants
  3. Mini muffins
    A colleague went for a nut-rhubarb combo.
  4. Assorted cookies
  5. Cookies 'n' cream cookies
    This gets its own spot because it was like a chocolate chip cookie base with creamy white chocolate chips and Oreo pieces in the cookie. That's right, a cookie cookie.
  6. Scoop your own M&Ms
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    No lids for these containers though so I had to eat them all.
  7. Cranberry bread
    With a toaster! The lady next to me toasted some up and it smelled pretty good.
  8. Warm soft pretzels
    These actually didn't look so good
  9. Also I got a mouse pad.