I was disappointed I didn't stumble across more hidden treasure.
  1. 1/2 bag of bran cereal in a Tupperware container
    Was totally surprised by this.
  2. USB car charger
    Had been looking for this.
  3. Chapstick with no cap
  4. Dust bunnies
  5. My college backpack
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    Did not find the BPA-laden Nalgene that was perpetually strapped to it
  6. Clock-radio-CD player
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    With line in for your MP3 player!
  7. So much rock salt
    It was a long, snowy winter.
  8. 1 Yuan
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  9. iPhone 3 screen cover
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  10. Pans & Co loyalty card
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  11. Middle School Yearbook
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  12. Aerobed
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    Used once, the week I moved in.
  13. This folder that I bought for a project and then lost before I stared the project. I don't know what the project was.
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  14. This shot glass someone gave me.
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