San Diego Chargers are possibly/probably leaving San Diego for *Greener Pastures* (Los Angeles) I was born and raised in SD, but I'm not much of a Football Fan. My husband loves football, so I got him two tickets to the last home game for Xmas. Maybe the last San Diego home game ever. the range of emotions I felt as I sat in the stadium today:
  1. Confused: what the heck am I doing here? I don't like football. Why didn't my husband ask one of his friends to accompany him to this game?
  2. Excited. I guess you don't necessarily need to be a football fan in order to enjoy the live game. Go figure.
  3. Enthusiastic. Who knew I could scream so loudly?
  4. Proud. Chargers score 23-0 at half time. 30-14 final against Dolphins.
  5. Sad. There were a lot of hardcore fans at the game. There was a feeling of despair permeating the stands as people realized that this was probably the last game to be played at "The Q," aka Qualcomm Stadium aka formerly known as "Jack Murphy Stadium."